BSc degree in Computer Sciences And Engineering

Senior Software Engineer - Domain Architect

Backend Developer

Full Stack Developer - Flutter Developer

Alper Kurtul Özgeçmiş Resume

I am currently working as Senior Software Engineer & Domain Architect with BSc degree in Computer Sciences And Engineering and I have also Master of Business Administration degree.

Working as a software engineer for over 25 years, my experiences on software development technologies varies from IBM Mainframe Systems to the latest software development technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Flutter, React JS.

I am also carrying out Domain Architect tasks for the last 5 years. As a Domain Architect, I have been doing architectural designs of our business projects for my domain as compatible with the reference architectures in our company. And I am also responsible for controlling the implementation of the designs that I made.

While implementation of architectural designs and software developments, I have been using microservices architecture patterns, event-driven design patterns. Some of the components that I have been using are Kafka for messaging queue, Hazelcast for caching, MongoDB for noSQL DB, Oracle for Relational DB, Elasticsearch for data analytics solutions, API designs, RestAPI, gRPC, and etc.

Besides, I have some significant frontend experiences, especially on Developing Cross Platform Mobile Applications using Flutter, and Developing SPA Web Applications using React JS.

If you want to see some of the projects that I work on personally, you can take a look at my GitHub profile:

In my resume below, you would also find summaries of my job duties, education history and certificates that I achieved.







Job ExperIences

March 2000 - Present

Garanti Bilisim Teknolojisi ve Tic.T.A.S.

About the Company :  Garanti Teknoloji (which has more than 1500 employees – is the IT company of Garanti BBVA Bank ( 

Current Position : Senior Software Engineer – Domain Architect.

Projects :
* Consumer Loans projects.
* Stock Exchange projects for Istanbul Stock Exchange.
* Securities projects (such as Bonds, Funds, Stocks projects) for Garanti Bank and Garanti Securities.

Development Tools : Java, Javascript, CSS, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Cool:GEN Toolset, PL/1, COBOL, JCL, Mainframe Batch jobs.

Development Platform : Oracle, DB2, Openshift, JBoss, IBM MVS Mainframe, CICS.

November 1998 – March 2000

Argesoft Bilgisayar Hizmetleri San. ve Tic. Ltd.Sti.

Position : Software Development Specialist – Project Leader

Projects : ArgeLease ( for Leasing Companies )

Complete solution for Leasing companies, including Marketing, Operation, Accounting, Funds Management, Fixed Assets

Development Tools : Visual Basic, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS FrontPage, MS InterDev, ASP, VBScript, HTML

May 1998 – November 1998

SFS Danismanlik Bilgi Islem Ltd.Sti.

Position : Analyst Programmer

Projects : Winsure ( for Insurance Companies )

Development Tools : Visual Basic, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS FrontPage, MS InterDev, ASP, VBScript, HTML, Oracle

October 1997 – May 1998

Pakom Bilgi Islem Ltd.Sti.

Position : Analyst Programmer

Projects : PHILIPS Service Automation Project, PDKS ( Personnel Attendence Control System )

Development Tools : Visual Basic, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS FrontPage, MS InterDev

October 1995 – November 1996

Model Bilgi Islem Ltd.Sti.

Position : Programmer

Development Tools : MS Access, MS SQL Server



Yeditepe University, Istanbul
Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul
Computer Sciences Engineering

SKILLS And Knowledge

Programming Languages And Frameworks : Java SE, Java EE, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Dart, PHP

Web Development : React JS, Javascript, WordPress, Joomla, HTML, CSS

Mobile Development : Flutter ( iOS and Android ), React Native ( iOS and Android ), Swift ( iOS )

Database Systems : Oracle, MongoDB, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server

Mainframe Systems : PL/1, COBOL, CoolGEN, Batch jobs, JCL

Operating Systems : MacOS, Windows

Others :  

Spring Framework ( Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring RESTful API, Spring Cloud, Hibernate, JUnit, Mockito )

Containerization, Dockerization, Microservices Architecture

Firebase ( Authentication, Database, Storage, Cloud Functions )

Red Hat OpenShift, JBoss, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Maven, Github, Bitbucket, SonarQube

DevOps, CI/CD, Jenkins, Nexus Repository, JFrog Artifactory

MongoDB, Kafka, Hazelcast

MS Internet Information Server, Apache Server

Agile Methodologies and Agile Software Development

Spring Framework (Spring Boot) 85%
Flutter 80%
React JS 75%
React Native 65%
WordPress / Joomla 80%


IBM: Architectural Thinking (credential)

Red Hat : Cloud Native Application Development on OpenShift

Red Hat : Service Mesh and Serverless

Developing Enterprise Applications using Spring 5

Developing RIA using HTML5, CSS3, and JS

Java SE 8 Programming

Agile & Scrum Fundamentals

UDEMY Courses

About Me

Birth Place / Date : Antakya-TURKEY / 16.05.1974

Hobbies : Playing Drum, Trekking/Outdoor activities, Bicycle, Swimming

Languages : English  (B1 – B2)